TV stardom for young Oliver

OLIVER Beniston outside the BBC TV studios.

OLIVER Beniston outside the BBC TV studios.

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A LOVE of history has led to TV fame for a young Isle boy.

Oliver Beniston (10) of Weir Road, Westwoodside, appeared in the CBBC show Gory Games on Tuesday and he hopes this will help him on his way to his career goal of being an actor.

Oliver told the Bells/Advertiser: “Me and my brother were watching TV one morning and I saw an advert for a new programme called Gory Games, a history quiz show so I decided to apply.

“I auditioned in December and they rang me at the beginning of January and said I was through to the second round but this didn’t automatically mean I would be on TV, I then had to have a phone interview and they called after that to say I would be on the show.

“I was shocked, my friend was round for tea when they called but he didn’t believe me.”

In each episode of Gory Games young competitors answer quiz questions on toe-curling topics like the Gorgeous Georgians and Vicious Vikings. The winners of the quiz round will then progress to a physical game relating to a specific era – such as Henry VIII’s pie-eating game – in the hope of winning Year Spheres.

The victor doesn’t just enjoy the honour of being the Gory Games champion but also picks up a fitting, if fetid, prize such as an Egyptian Mummy’s hand, a Georgian Navy maggoty biscuit or the cut-off ear of a Tudor thief.

Oliver continued: “History is my favourite subject, one million per cent, all the way.

“I went to do the filing in London with my dad and it was really fun even though it took six hours and the show is only 20 minutes long.”

Oliver, who attend Westwoodside Primary School, lives with dad Simon, mum Sharon and nine-year-old brother Toby

His dad said: “We were treated like film stars. We went to the BBC TV studios and spent five hours filming, it was a really good day.”

And of Oliver he added: “He is very forward thinking, he sent a letter to the England football manager before the last World Cup and got a reply. He also once asked his doctor to ring him back because he wasn’t satisfied with the treatment he had received!”

BBC spokesman Valerie Taylor said: “A gunge-drenched challenge awaits the three contestants this week as they immerse themselves in a spot of Middle Age gong farming in the new historical game show presented by Dave Lamb and Horrible Histories’ Rattus Rattus.

“Oliver, Ciorstaidh, and Hannah need to have their wits about them as they buzz into action to try and catch giant flies on their velcro suits in the Egyptian Honey Slave game.

“And the gory gamers have to answer some toe-curling quiz questions on topics like the Gorgeous Georgians, Awful Egyptians and Vicious Vikings posed by the popular characters from Horrible Histories.

“There is a lot at stake as there is one putrid prize waiting for the victorious contestant to take home at the end of the programme.”

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